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Kay Suzuki aka Afrobuddha (Brilliant Corners, Spirits Frequency show on NTS radio)
Full support with both tracks from the EP featured on Spirits Frequency on NTS Radio

Cedric Lassonde aka Cedric Woo - Beauty and the Beat, Tourbillon, Brilliant Corners,
Yep, I like both edits, especially madam. That's a great build up! I will definitely play these on the radio show and on a late set too. Thanks man!

Mark Gilbert aka Stupid Human
i like that especially madam , reckon that will get the most attention, going is very accessible too - i'd probably play it from the 6:30 minute mark as that's marked out as a more alternative version

Thomas Puddell (Black Alley, Berlin)
right on, right on brother... loving 'going' - sure shot!!

DJ Ionik (Kojak Giant Sounds, Traveller records, Helsinki, Finland)
thanks for sending - really liking "Madam"

Mr Boogie (aka The Vinyl Junkie, Soulsa productions, Melting Pot radio show, London/Paris)
I came across "going" the other day. is fierce. Big up!

Murf Woram aka Dr Uggs (London)
I did not expect that!!! 'Going' ...Class! *)

Jeremy Gilbert (Beauty and the Beat, Lucky Cloud Sound System, London)
I like them both - think I like side A best ATM but it's really not easy to say with an MP3 - both are quite percussive tracks so I tend to find it very hard to know how they'll sound until get them on the whole system.

Tom Churchill, Glasgow
Thanks for that - "going" one will definitely get dropped at the Drake tomorrow!

(Jamie Odell aka Jimpster - Freerange, Worldwide)
Thanks for the link to the edits. Really nice release! And I enjoyed the other white label [Synqlock vol I EP] you gave me on the night too.


released April 22, 2014